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Treaty of Hearts 1/50

Alternate Universe 

Characters are based, and named after CP Coulter’s Dalton

This Chapter features: Mika Kogo, Julian Larson, Sebastian Smythe, and Satoru Kogo

Rating for this part: G

Mika worked on lacing Julian’s corset.  The Prince placed his head wearily on the cold stone of the castle. “What has become of my life?” he asked wearily. 

Mika laughed a bit. “You were the one that volunteered.” Mika reminded him. “Don’t worry, Ju-hime, your lady in waiting will be with you every step of the way.” 

Julian groaned. “Must you call me that? Didn’t I save you and your cousin from certain doom? Don’t I deserve a little respect?” 

Mika slapped Julian’s ass. “Hime is the upmost respect.  Besides, how can I help it when I’m dressing my prince in a pink dress?” 

Julian scowled. “I can’t help it.  This was the best thing to do, given the circumstances.  I have to go…act the victim if I am to fight the dragon.  Is the repersenitive from Hears here yet?” Julian pursed his lips and stomped his foot. Mika laughed. “We are having promblems getting him a translator, Ju-hime.” she carefully took the wig, and slowly placed it on his head. 

"Well…then, get him a sleeping dictonary at least!" the order whent out, and so it was done. 

Sebastian was standing in a room full of women.  He was Baron of Stillwater, reprenative of  the land of Hearts.  He however, knew nothing about girls. A small, asian girl, made her way through the throng of women.  She looked up at Sebastian, up and down and offered him her hand. sebastian had no choice but to follow her.  

"Mika." The girl pressed her hand to her chest.  The girl was exotic, beautiful.  She was not, however an elf. Sebastian followed her into a room full of men, beautiful men.  Sebastian smiled thankfully at Mika.  He walked slowly around the room. The room was full of humans, and humans were not normally his thing, but at least these boys had the right equipment.  Sebastian looked around. One boy caught his attention.  

An Asian boy who resembled Mika was huddled in the corner, fiddling with some kind of device, mixing some kind of concoction up.  He had his nose scrunched up in concentration, in a way that Sebastian found absolutely adorable. 

"Hello there gegorous." Sebastian purred, using what little of the human language he had learned.  

Satoru looked up and did a double take.  No one had ever called him gorgeous before in his life.  He had also never seen an elf in his life.

"Why, hello there." Satoru said, in the elvish language. His accent made Sebastian gulp, and a very slow smile form on his lips. 

"You speak Elvish?" Sebastian asked.  He held his hand out to Satoru. It was the greeting custom of the Land of Hearts. 

Satoru stood up, and clutched his elbow, as it was the custom in Sebastian’s country.  Sebastian’s smile widened. 

"Smart and beautiful." he said in the tounge of man. 

Satoru blushed. “No..not really…I’m just…like to tinker.  That’s all.  You can’t understand a word I am saying…can you?” When Satoru was nervous, he often forgot his foriegn languages. Sebastian just tilted his head. 

Satoru straightened his shoulders. “Satoru Kugo, at your service.” Satoru gave a little boy, as it was the way of his people, miles and miles away from the castle of Diamonds. 

Sebastian gulped and bowed back. “Sebastian Smythe, of Hearts.” 

Satoru smiled.  This man was gentleman.  He had dressed and groomed in the Diamond style.  Satoru knew that Sebastian was sent here to become the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Diamonds. Satoru’s heart ached for Sebastian, he knew what it was like to be far away from home. 

Satoru looked around. “Are you looking for a sleeping dictonary?” he asked very shyly, using the tongue of the humans.

Sebastian titled his head again. “Translator.” Sebastian said, nodding. 

Satoru nodded with him for a moment. “Oh…oh..Oh! You like boys? Not that I can’t blame you…I mean there is something about knowing all the parts, isn’t there? Well, we have lots of boys here, as you can see, you can take your pick.  Anyone would be honored to be a service, if it means that our two countries can meet a treaty.” Satoru spoke very quickly in the human language, way too quickly for Sebastian to keep up.  

Sebastian held out his hand. “You…like…you.” he stuttered in the human language.  

Satoru blushed again. “No…skills.” he stuttered in the elvish tongue.  

Sebastian smiled. “Teach…other.” 

Satoru nodded. “Okay, we can…let’s do that.” Satoru took Sebastian’s hand, and led him into his room.  Satoru’s room was cozy.  It was decorated in bright colors, and had a double size bed.  The ceiling was painted with stars, the same stars he saw at home. Sebastian pointed up. “Seuta.” he smiled. 

Satoru smiled and repeated him. “Seuta.  Stars.  These are the stars in the sky from my home.” Satoru sighed. 

Sebastian nodded, finding some kind of understanding.  ”Stars…same…move same…” he said in the tongue of Man. 

Satoru smiled. “I guess you are right.” he sat the bed and sat on it.  Sebastian sat with Satoru and stroked Satoru’s face. “Gorgeous.” he muttered. 

Satoru giggled. “I’m not sure you understand the meaning of that word, but the way you look at me, makes me what to believe what you say.” 

Sebastian just smiled, not really understanding.  He leaned in and kissed Satoru.  The kiss was tender, simple.  It barely wet Satoru’s dry lips, but it set off a little spark.  It gave Satoru a chill through his whole body. Satoru ran his hair through Sebastian’s hair. “I like that.” he muttered. 

Sebastian touched Satoru’s hair. “Meloi.” he muttered.

"Hair?" Satoru asked. "I like your hair.  Did you cut it to come here?" Satoru made a motion, like he was cutting his hair. 

"Cut?" Sebastian asked, smiling widely. 

Satoru nodded. “Cut.” He offered Sebastian a kiss. 

Sebastian laughed and moved his hands. “Deo?” 

Sebastian bit his lip. “More?” 

Sebastian nodded. “More.” Satoru kissed him again. 

Sebastian touched Satoru’s shirt. “Shirt.” he muttered. 

"Shirt." Sebastian repeated and leaned in for another prize. 

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